All the Traffic portfolio has the CE conformance certificates being compliant with the European Regulation EN12966.
That is how the manufacture of each one of our chassis is made.
A process with many years of experience.
Every detail is managed with supreme care because each electronic board is a Project for us.
Each component has been designed to perform an important task and as such, it must be assembled properly to guarantee the functionality over the years.
Our signs are run on a final and exhaustive test program with over 50 check points and intensive cycles of burn-in.
We take our panels wherever they are installed. We transport them, install them
 and start them up with the best conditions to our customers.
As owners of the technology acquired from ODECO Electrónica S.A.,
we offer the full maintenance services to all the signs installed.
You can contact us at +34 932 440 621. Easy, very easy.
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