In 2012, Fixalia aqcuires all technology from the former ODECO Electrónica, S.A.,
leading company in the LED industry with more than 3.000 Variable Message Signs in Spain.
The all times signs are now Fixalia.
Our electronics are designed to function under extreme conditions and easy and cheap to maintain. The proof is out in the roads.
Copied by many and with the experience of the leading technology. A design that
avoids reflections, improves visibility and totally flat.
Special materials to protect the structure for many years. And the front side is protected with a coating that improves contrast notably.
The most unique and effective solution to protect the electronics and get the best optic output. No reflections. A perfect result.
Inside-out, Bottom to top. The end product is the same one, reviewed and updated. Just a small change: The Brand.
Now, all time Signs are Fixalia.
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