The largest fleet of installed VMS requires of an impeccable and complete technical support.
No shadows, no surprises. You can get it very easily.
+34 932 440 621
The staff, means and technology that guarantee a complete technical support. We manage the records of all the panels and signs installed. We know every detail of its original manufacture and its cycle of life. From the LED type up to the firmware versión. Everything.
Our electronic boards cannot be randomly executed. Only qualified technicians, with the original schematics, can guarantee a result without surprises. Choose safely.
Because we own the technology, only Fixalia can guarantee the original spare parts for all former ODECO Electrónica, S.A. products. All our parts are compliant with the Norm EN12966.
Sometimes, it is necessary to send out technicians in order to analyze and resolve issues on the field. Our team, with the technology ownership and the original spare parts, guarantee an end to end assistance. We maximize your investment.
Beyond the hardware maintenance, our products need of the Source Code for the correct functionality. We manage all the firmware and software library of installed signs. We also update them when necessary.
Invest in tranquility, think of a maintenance contract that guarantees the well being and functionality of the equipments, both for Traffic and/or Advertising and Architecture installations. We take care that nothing fails.
Essentially, we are specialists in the maintenance and repairs of industrial electronic systems. Therefore, before you give up on your electronics, please contact us and we will investigate and analyze with no obligation. It is our passion.
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